Wella Professional Has Arrived…

Today I am full of very “girly” excitement, because my biggest ever order of Wella Professional has arrived!!!!

Wella Professional Care & Styling






Just like me, Wella Professional products are born to Colour, Care & Style.
These products have captured my heart and help flame my passion for great hair.

The secret to Great Hair……. is Healthy Hair and getting and maintaining healthy hair is a breeze with Wella Professional products.
This combined with a hairdresser that only wants to help you KEEP your hair healthy gives you the greatest chance at the BEST HAIR OF YOUR LIFE ……for your whole life.

I will put up an extensive product description for each of the products that I supply in my salon shortly, but I just wanted to give you all a sneak peak of my true excitement.

Also, keep an eye out as I will be listing over the weekend, a one time only offer for 5 lucky people to get their hands on some great Wella Professional Styling for FREE!!!!



Today, I have had the opportunity to take some time to add a Weddings page to my website.

I’d like to ask you all to check out this new page. It will show you some of the beautiful brides that allowed me to be part of their special day.

Beautiful women, filled with love and laughter.
Being around them and having this as my work makes me very happy.

If you can keep circulating it and recommending me to friends and family I would also greatly appreciate it.

Share the love xxx